Circular Textiles Greenwich Project - Reflections

Human rights violations and environmental degradation, including climate change continue to be exacerbated by unsustainable consumption and production practices across all sectors, and particularly in fashion. Greenwich Circular Textiles team including Fakhar Raza is joined by Project Leads Ceylan Akbas, Dilara Altun, Eva Souchet and Research Lead Fatimazahra Dehbi, for a casual chat reflecting on the climate crisis, the Greenwich Circular project, and how we can all facilitate social change through small acts.
About the Circular Textiles Greenwich Hub
Our goal is to create a space in the minds of people in the Greenwich community and beyond by creating a physical space in the University of Greenwich and a virtual platform. A place where sustainable consumption practices and knowledge is shared and promoted with a view to providing solutions which can be easily replicated and actioned at collective and individual level.

Our first step is to promote sustainable consumption in the Greenwich community by creating a hub at the University of Greenwich for swapping clothes, organising styling and repair workshops, public engagement events on sustainable consumption and production and promoting change by raising awareness on human rights and environmental abuses in the fashion industry.

The activities of the Sustainable Cloths Station will be based on the research undertaken by BHRE and partners.

How it works
The Hub currently showcases its work through the Clothes Swap and the Repair station.

The Clothes Swap provides individuals with the opportunity to swap their pre-loved clothing for marbles during the Hub’s collection and drop off dates. On the swap day, those marbles can be exchange for any item of pre-loved clothing, depending on the number of marbles the item is valued at.

The Repair Station provides the opportunity for individuals to learn how to repair and up-cycle their own clothing through the re-use of textiles that would otherwise be resigned to life in landfill.