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Leading justice and human rights from Africa

In this first episode of Season 2 we talk to Makmid Kamara, Project Director of the MacArthur Foundation Fund about corporate accountability and transitional justice, African leadership in fighting COVID and discrimination and racism in the civil society sector.

Reflections on the Path towards the Rights of Others

In this episode, the final one of Season 1, Olga, Seema & Raza reflect on the journey of the Rights of Others Podcast and what we have learnt during this season. We conclude we need to hear the voices of those on the ground, doing the work that ultimately leads to the protection and promotion of the rights of others. Season 2 is coming very soon!

Next Generation and the Future of Fighting for the Rights of Others

In this fascinating episode Olga, Seema and Raza talk to Ceylan Akbas and Dilara Altun about their activism, educating themselves and influencing others, the climate emergency, social media, fast fashion, war crimes, intrinsic inequality, technology and dealing with so much pain in the world. They demonstrate they are a key generation to build a better society and fight for the rights of others. They finally get Olga to admit she is an activist!

Activist Lawyers in the midst of Goliaths

In this episode Seema, Raza and Olga talk to Dan Leader, partner at LeighDay about his exceptional work to protect the rights of communities and individuals against corporations which disregard, and have been doing for decades, life, welling and livelihoods and the legal and personal choices involved in this work.

Rebalancing relations in the workplace to claim human rights

In this episode we talked with Gemma Freedman about cheery picking in the CSR movement, the role of local and international trade unions and the mobilisation of workers down the supply chain, why public buyers have a responsibility towards those who produce the products they buy and provide the services they contract and how they don't want to be saving the life of COVID-19 patience knowing that the ventilator they are using has components being made by lives ruined by exploitation.

Philanthropy: Deciding who gets to sit at the table

In this episode Olga, Seema and Raza talk to Amol Mehra about the differences between advocacy and philanthropy, having the ability to decide which organisations and projects get funding and shaping the civil society agenda. They reflect over how to decide who to work with and for, who to invite to the table and the microphone.

Covid-19, global inequalities and companies

Meghna Abraham is a lawyer who worked on human rights issues for close to two decades. She is an accomplished investigator, policy expert, advocate, campaigner, and trainer. We talked to Meghna during lockdown and discussed her work in human rights and development, the inequalities the pandemic has highlighted and increased and how to take these into account moving forward.

Putting People and Planet at the Core of Business

Marilyn Croser - We talked about how to empower ourselves and the society to deal with debilitating guilt of being the participants in unfair markets which were build by corporations. Importance of law in effectively putting checks over parasitical power of various agents in our global world.

Human Rights and Sports

In this episode we had William Rook talking about a novel institute called - Centre for Sports and Human Rights - What is its place in the world of human rights and our inclination towards monumental phenomena called sports. We discussed some of the difficult trade offs which are being made in the world of sports when it comes to safety and freedom.

Mirror of Our Clean Energy Revolution

In this episode Olga, Seema and Raza talk about Seema's work on energy and the human rights impacts of corporate activities in oil, gas and natural resources, as well as how to think about the impact of new technologies and clean energies which are not so clean when it comes to human rights abuses.

Pilot - Discovering a Pathway to Human Rights

Exploring the motivations which lead to care about human rights and then what kind of compassionate paths these individuals took in their life.