Sheung So-Protecting workers' rights in China

In this episode Sheung So shares with Olga and Raza her journey from mainland China to working to protect human rights in global supply chains from Hong Kong. She tells us about how the law and context has changed and how rights of workers get eroded and organsiations struggle to support them as China tightens its restrictions on civil society.
Sheung so is a labour activist and Chief Executive of Labour Education Services Network in Hong Kong, where she is also the Senior Trainer. Sheung has extensive experience working on labour issues in China. Her expertise includes labor dispute hotlines and support services, empowerment programme design and execution, labour rights and worker representation training for workers, student worker rights, vocational school curriculum development and teacher trainings, and Corporate Social Responsibility projects with companies and multi-stakeholder initiatives. She is a member of the Board of Trustees of Electronics Watch, and has been its first President (2015-2020).