Gemma Freedman-Rebalancing relations in the workplace to claim human rights

In this episode we talked with Gemma Freedman about cheery picking in the CSR movement, the role of local and international trade unions and the mobilisation of workers down the supply chain, why public buyers have a responsibility towards those who produce the products they buy and provide the services they contract and how they don't want to be saving the life of COVID-19 patience knowing that the ventilator they are using has components being made by lives ruined by exploitation.
Gemma works as Assistant International Officer at Unison and she is responsible for Business and Human Rights as well as Unison's relationships with Asian trade unions. This includes coordinating UK civil society UN Binding Treaty Group; working through CORE Coalition on a duty to prevent corporate abuse of human and environmental rights and for remedy to be provided should harm occurs.

IMG Credit - Terence Faircloth / Flickr